When will the Apple Watch come to China?

A few months ago, Apple’s Chinese manufacturing partner, Foxconn, announced that it would be making the Apple Watches in China. 

But in early October, the company finally confirmed that it was going to start making the devices in China, at a time when demand for smartwatches is surging in China (it’s now the most popular smartphone market in the world). 

Now, we have some confirmation that the Apple watch will arrive in China in the near future, according to Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the matter.

The watch will be available in the Chinese city of Wuhan starting in March of 2021, and Apple said it would begin shipping the device to its mainland suppliers in mid-2019.

We have also been told that Apple will ship its new device to the Chinese mainland starting in January 2021.

We’re still waiting for confirmation of a date for when Apple Watch shipments will start, but we’re also still waiting on the launch date of the Apple Pay payment system in China .

In the meantime, we can expect Apple Watch prices to be much higher than they are now. 

Apple Watch battery: 10V battery source Bloomberg via The Verge

Apple iPhone 5S battery replacement

Apple has confirmed it is replacing a battery pack on its iPhone 5s.

The battery, a 1.5-millimeter aluminum, was part of the iPhone 5 and 6 batteries.

Apple’s online store was the first to announce the change on Monday.

The company says the replacement battery will be made by a company in Germany, which was previously known as Lithium Corporation.

The original battery was a 2.7-millimeters aluminum and had a lifespan of 1,000 to 1,500 hours.

Apple says the new battery will last longer than 1,200 hours.

Apple says that the replacement lithium battery has a lower resistance, so it’s better suited for charging and maintaining a smartphone.

AppleInsider first reported the battery replacement on Twitter.