The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Premiere: The Best of RHOBH

It’s not uncommon for the Real Housewife of Beverly Hill, Melissa Joan Hart, to take the time to write a column for The Daily Dot about the season premiere episode, but this time it’s much different.

In the first article she covers the new season’s biggest storyline, a return to the RHOBh mansion for her ex-husband.

We also learn that the RHIBH clan has decided to retire after a lengthy feud with the Beverly Hills Hotel, which is where the new “Beverly Hills” will take place. 

And it’s not just that Hart is back to tell us about her personal life that’s new to her, but the entire cast is. 

“I think I’ve been living in the house for eight years, and the rest of the house is like, ‘Oh my god,'” she explains.

“The house is in shock.

I’ve seen the house a lot of times.

I think that’s why I feel that way.”

In the new episode, the new owners of the Beverly Hill Hotel (guest stars Jessica Biel and Lisa Vanderpump) decide to buy the property and relocate to the new RHOBhar, which will be a new location for them.

But they’ve also decided to leave behind a lot more than just the new home.

The RHIBh clan has left behind a slew of old friends and family that will be leaving town.

And there’s a lot going on with the new house itself.

In this week’s article, Hart tells us that the new set of rules for the house and its tenants will be very different from the old one.

“People will have to live in their own homes,” she says.

“And it will have a lot fewer chairs.” 

This is a bold move for the RHBSH.

They’ve always wanted to make a show about the house, but since the series finale, the RHobh brand has been so dominant in Hollywood that they’ve been forced to live out their lives in the comfort of their own home.

Hart says that this time, they’ll be living in an entire different neighborhood. 

The new set-up has also been a huge change for the women of the RHBH.

While many of them are still friends with each other, they’re now going to have to deal with other new people.

Hart explains that the whole house is going to be changing.

“It’s going to become a lot different, a lot less welcoming,” she explains, adding that the changes will come at a “slow pace.” 

And as for the new neighbors?

“They’re going to come and go, and they’re going be nice, but they’re not going to do much of anything.

They’re just going to go home and watch television,” Hart says. 

It’s hard to believe that this season is going on so long.

The new season will see all of the stars in their full glory.

And even though they’re staying put, the house will remain in the same space.

It will only be accessible from a different location. 

We asked Hart what the new show would look like and whether she’d consider leaving the house again.

She said she has no plans to leave, but she’ll be looking for a new place.

“I have a couple of ideas,” she said.

“One of them is to go back and buy a condo, and then I’m going to move into the house.”

“The Real Househows of Beverly Hills Season 8 premiere episode: ‘Beverley Hills’ returns in the Real World” is available now on Amazon Prime and is available for streaming on Hulu.

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