What you need to know about lithium batteries

Lithium batteries have the potential to revolutionise energy storage, but there’s no clear standard.

That means the industry is scrambling to make sure they’re safe and reliable.

Today, ABC News investigates what you need read before investing.

1:40The most common type of lithium battery used in mobile phones and computers is called an autocraft.

These batteries are made by a company called Lithium Battery Solutions.

Lithium battery chargers use a battery that has been melted down, cooled and stored in liquid electrolytes, which are a type of liquid electrolyte.

These types of batteries are used in electric vehicles and in many other high-energy applications.

Lithia batteries are very safe to use, and they’re not a new technology, but they’re relatively new to the market.

They are very versatile, but their durability is not always good.

Lithias lithium batteries are extremely durable, but when they get hot they lose energy, and that’s why the battery industry has to be careful when it comes to lithium batteries.

The battery industry is looking for better ways to keep lithium batteries safe.

The first step in that process is to design and develop new batteries.

That’s where Lithia Battery Solutions comes in.

The company says it is focused on battery safety.

It has developed battery charger systems that work by using liquid electrolytic storage.

This type of battery uses liquid electrolysis to create electricity.

The electrolyte has a high degree of purity, meaning the battery has been carefully cooled.

The battery is then stored in a special tank.

When the battery is fully charged, it has a very low voltage.

When it gets very hot, the battery will lose its charge and start to leak electrolyte, and it can explode.

Lithia Battery Solution’s solution uses a lithium polymer battery in its chargers.

It says these batteries are safer than the batteries made by other companies.

The batteries used in Lithia battery chargings can be made with one of two materials.

One is a metal, or an alkaline metal.

The other is a lithium metal.

When they are made with these two materials, the batteries can be used in many different applications.

The batteries are safe to handle, and their durability also has not been a problem.

They work in a range of applications.

They are not very durable, so you might need to take the battery out of the charger for a couple of days.

Lithi batteries also have a high energy density, meaning they have a capacity to store energy that can last a long time.

They have the capacity to last up to a decade.

The new batteries also work in the presence of air.

These lithium batteries also can withstand high temperatures and high pressures, which means they can handle very high temperatures, as well.

If you want to make a battery, you have to be able to store the energy that it will produce, and you need a way to store it for a long period of time.

Lithiac batteries can do that.

The main use for Lithia-based batteries is in electric cars, but Lithium-based lithium batteries can also be used to store electricity in solar panels.

The first generation of Lithium Ion batteries came into the market in 2012, and lithium-ion batteries have been widely used in laptops, laptops with mobile phones, and electric vehicles.

But these batteries have not been widely deployed for power storage applications.

That changed in 2014, when lithium batteries became popular with electric vehicles, like electric cars and buses.

That’s when Lithia Power came on the scene.LITHIA POWER is a company that’s focused on the development of lithium-based battery technology.

Its chief technology officer, Dr. James McWilliams, says the main goal of Lithia is to be a leader in the power storage industry.LTHIA POWER developed an improved version of its Lithium Power batteries, called Lithia Procell batteries, which have a higher energy density and are more robust.

It is now making these batteries available to other companies and the consumer market.

Dr. McWilliams says the company has found a solution that can work with all of the energy storage technologies currently available.

Dr McWilliams has been with Lithia for three years.

He says the battery technology is very simple, so it is very straightforward to use.

There is a lot of technology that is out there, but it’s not easy to integrate.LIVE UPDATES: Watch the ABC’s live updates on the lithium battery.

LTHIA PROcell batteries are the first lithium battery chargeries that can be placed in an electric vehicle.

The lithium batteries work by taking a lithium ion polymer battery, and using liquid-liquid electrolytes to create electrical energy.

When LithiaProcell batteries get hot, they start leaking electrolyte and they start to melt, and the batteries will start to burst.

The process is very different to what we’ve seen before,