A brand new Makita battery can be connected to the Internet to charge and charge again.

An old Makita lithium ion battery can also be plugged into the internet to charge for as long as 24 hours. 

The Makita company is touting the new battery as a more efficient way to charge smartphones and other gadgets.

It claims the new technology is more than twice as efficient as traditional lithium ion batteries.

The battery is said to be the same size as a standard smartphone, but it is thinner and lighter.

It also promises to be more environmentally friendly. 

“Makita batteries are made from sustainable materials and are more energy efficient than conventional batteries,” Makita says on its website.

“These batteries are also more compact than traditional lithium batteries, and are made with advanced, environmentally friendly materials and technologies.” 

Makia also claims the battery can charge up to 100% in under 5 minutes. 

Battery tech giant Makita said it is now introducing a battery upgrade that can be charged up to 24 hours, charging your smartphone or laptop without using an adapter.

Makota says the new upgrade can be installed in a smartphone by plugging it into a charging port.

This is an improvement over the standard charging port that can only be used to charge a smartphone.

Makitas latest battery will be sold in the United States starting this month. 

Majestic Technologies, a unit of General Electric, is also developing a new battery that can recharge your smartphone.

The company is reportedly planning to introduce the battery at CES this month, but the details are not yet clear. 

What’s in your Makita Battery?