How to keep your brain working during an emergency

By Dr. David L. Johnson-Smith.

September 26, 2018.

9:04:24How do you get the brain to do what it needs to do during an active and potentially dangerous situation?

One way to help is to use dewALT batteries.

The batteries have a special electrical circuit that keeps the brain from firing at random.

When a patient is being sedated with a dewALT, there is no possibility of the brain being “wired” into doing anything.

It is a powerful device that allows the brain a chance to perform certain tasks without requiring an external device.

The battery lasts up to five days on a person, and the company says it has been used in hundreds of cases.

But it can also be used for up to 10 days without having to worry about the battery dying.

The dewALS have been tested in more than 150 people and have shown that they can do tasks including the following: • Perform tasks requiring motor control.

For example, you can take a hand grip and hold the other hand in the same manner you would hold a pencil in a classroom.

• Operate an electric saw, a drill, or a lathe.

• Use a remote control to control a car or motor vehicle.

• Perform simple tasks like opening a door or locking a door, opening a refrigerator, or turning on a light.

For a detailed rundown of the dewOLVES battery life, see the video below.

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