How to find the battery in a new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Apple has officially announced the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are no longer waterproof.

The new iPhones have two new waterproofing options.

Both are new and they’re both available for pre-order at select Apple stores.

The iPhone 6 will now come with a 30-day battery that Apple says will last for an iPhone 6 Plus, which will last up to two days.

The new iPhones will be available starting October 15 for $399.

The iPhone 6+ will also now come in 30-days and 40-days battery options.

Both options are available for the iPhone X. Both models will have a new Face ID fingerprint scanner.

Both will have NFC, which lets you use your iPhone to check your location.

Both of these new iPhone options come in a $299 price range, but you’ll have to wait until October 25 to buy them.

Apple said the two new battery options will be on sale from September 21 to October 15.